It is GREAT jerky!!! Soooo tender & flavorful! I will be back again... & again.... & again!!!
— Rona-Ann Kelley Nickerl
Old Fashion Black Pepper Jerky

Old Fashion Black Pepper Jerky

Easy Chew Blue Cheese

Easy Chew Blue Cheese

We make the freshest jerky out there.


Here at Mister B's Jerky Co., we want to provide you with high-quality, good-tasting foods.  Our philosophy is that if it's good enough, you'll come back for more.  We make all of our own jerky, including seasonal varieties, and we look for only the highest quality mustards and other products to provide to you as well.  For your convenience, we provide beverage pairing suggestions on some of our product description pages. You've likely found us at one of the various events we've attended, and are coming back for more. Check out our Events Page to find out when you can see us again, or visit our location in Southington, CT.


Reviews from customers :

  • Rona-Ann Kelley Nickerl reviewed Mister B's Jerky Co. — 5 star

    June 25, 2017 ·

    Stopped in yesterday to check it out after a friend told me it was supposed to be good jerky... well... they were wrong... It is GREAT jerky!!! Soooo tender & flavorful! I will be back again... & again.... & again!!!

    The people were so friendly. They offer a discount to first responders, fire, police & military!!! Anyone who respects the people in uniform that much, deserves our business!!!

  • KT Murano recommends Mister B's Jerky Co.

    September 16, 2018 ·

    I am a huge beef jerky fan and I absolutely LOVE theirs. It isn't hard to eat and it's so delicious. I tried to have the jerky last for several days but it only lasted for two hours. I just couldn't stop eating it!

  • Joshua Lang reviewed Mister B's Jerky Co. — 5 star

    March 13, 2018 ·

    Picked 4 packs of jerky up at the Milwaukee Sports Show. Took a bag of hot hickory old fashioned into work and foolishly decided to share. I think I ended up only getting about half the bag to myself and everyone loved it. Perfect blend of flavor and heat for me. Still debating if I want to share the other 3 bags or keep them for myself...



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