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Hot Hickory

Hot Hickory

Old Fashioned jerky

Our old fashion jerky is the perfect snack for fishing, hiking, camping, or to have at home/work. We have 7 flavors right now of the old fashion. All the jerky is made from Top Round Beef. Each bag comes as 1/4lb and is vacuum sealed.

  • Hickory - Smokey flavor

  • Hot Hickory - Smokey flavor with hot sauce

  • Teriyaki - Sweet Mandarin

  • Sweet & Spicy - Mixture of sweets with a kick of spice

  • BBQ - mesquite flavor with a kick

  • Cajun - creole seasoning with the right amount of kick

  • Black Pepper - just what it looks like, full of black pepper seasoning

Easy Chew jerky

Our easy chew jerky is for people who love the taste of jerky but can’t eat the old fashioned. This jerky is the same top round meat but we grind it and process it through a jerky gun to make it into the nice strips. The good thing about easy chew is that we can add anything to it! Any cheese, bacon, peppers, and etc. Right now we have a total of 8 flavors with 2 seasonal. All easy chew with the exception of teriyaki is made with hickory seasoning.

  • Hickory - softer smokey flavor

  • Hot Hickory - softer hickory with hot sauve

  • Teriyaki - mandarin sweet flavor

  • Garlic - if you LOVE garlic, you will LOVE this, fresh minced garlic

  • Bacon Cheddar - real bacon crumbles with cheese

  • Cheddar - cheddar crumbles

  • Provolone - 7 month aged provolone

  • Blue Cheese - blue cheese crumbles

  • Ghost pepper - seasonal

  • Jalapeno - seasonal

Provolone Easy Chew

Provolone Easy Chew

Shit Seasonings

Shit Seasonings

Special Shit Seasoning

Yes, you read that correct! Special shit seasoning is made in Texas. The seasonings can be placed on any meat, fish or veggies. Each seasoning bought comes with a Sack of Shit. The seasonings we carry are :

  • Special Shit

  • Bull Shit

  • Good Shit

  • Aww Shit

  • Chicken Shit

Pilsudski Mustard

Pilsudski Mustard is made in PA and Dan is a close friend with the owner Mike. He has 5 flavors of mustard and each one has their own distinct delicious flavor!

  • Dill - with garlic

  • Polish Style - with Horseradish

  • Sriracha - spicy

  • Sweet Hot - with honey

  • Wasabi - spicy

Pilsudski Mustard